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  • Sample Personal Firearms Record

      Personal Firearms Record

    At iAmmo.com, we believe that every gun owner should keep a record of all of their firearms and other serialized items in the event of theft or loss. Similar to the FFL books that we keep here at the company, every iAmmo.com and NetBallistics employee keeps a Personal Firearm Record of all of their personal firearms or other serialized items. This practice not only helps you keep track of what guns you have in your personal possession, but it also makes reporting a lost or stolen firearm much easier should you ever find yourself in that unfortunate situation.

    Luckily, the ATF has made this process very easy for anyone to do by providing a sample Personal Firearm Record on the ATF website that can be filled in and printed. This useful document can be found at https://www.atf.gov/file/4831/download .

    Here is a screen shot of the sample document.

    Sample Personal Firearms Record

    We hope that you found this helpful, and remember to visit iAmmo.com for all of your needs relating to firearms, ammunition, and shooting sports.

    -Rob P

  • Legal Update: ATF Seeks Comment on Newly Proposed Forms

      Legal Update: ATF Seeks Comment on Newly Proposed Forms 1, 4 and 5

    The ATF is seeking comments on the newly proposed application forms of information collection regarding the manufacturing and registering of firearms, the paid transfer tax and registration of firearms, and the tax-exempt transfer and registration of firearms.

    Comments are being accepted until April 18, 2016. The proposed forms and additional information is available on the ATF website at atf.gov/firearms.

    -Rob P.

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  • INFOGRAPHICS: Facts About the Rise of Women in Shooting Sports

      Facts About the Rise of Women in Shooting Sports

    Over the past several years, the fastest growing segment of the firearms industry has overwhelmingly been women. Female representation among gun owners continues to grow at staggering levels, and female participation in shooting sports has exploded. Many manufacturers and retailers alike have begun focusing their marketing efforts on women shooters, and rightfully so.

    The following two infographics compiled by the NRA and the NSSF depict the rise of women in shooting sports and the rise of women carrying concealed weapons. I think you will find this information very interesting.

    You will notice that the second of the two infographics lists the following as the Top 5 guns chosen by female shooters for concealed carry:
    1. GLOCK 19
    2. H&K P2000
    3. KAHR ARMS P9
    5. RUGER LCP

    All of these guns (as well as any ammunition or accessories you may need) can be found at iAmmo.com.


    Girls & Guns - The Rise of Women Carrying Concealed Weapons

    I hope you enjoyed this. Please check back regularly for new content from iAmmo.com.
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