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Pre-Owned (West German) Sig Sauer P226 9mm 15-Round Semi-Automatic Pistol

Our exceptionally priced, used, Sig Sauer P226’s aren't any normal ‘used” SIG you can find online. Ours are directly imported from the Israeli I...

Our exceptionally priced, used, Sig Sauer P226’s aren't any normal ‘used” SIG you can find online. Ours are directly imported from the Israeli IDF and police. They are inspected by two different gunsmiths before they are sold. We inspect and clean every one of them and strip them down to make sure that they are well maintained, functioning firearms. We also make sure that the factory markings are clearly visible so that you will have no issue figuring out what year your new pistol was manufactured. West German vs Newer Sigs The primary difference between the two different styles is that the West German models have a stamped slide and an internal extractor. They have been known to be slightly lighter. The Exeter NH. stamped Sigs are slightly heavier, have an external extractor, and the slides are milled. U.S. Made SIGs will be stamped Exeter, NH and the West German SIGs will be stamped “Made in West Germany.” The SIG Sauer P226 is a full-sized, service-type pistol made by SIG Sauer. It is chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum,. It is essentially the same basic design of the SIG Sauer P220, but developed to use higher capacity, double stack magazines in place of the single stack magazines of the P220. The P226 itself has spawned further sub-variants; the P228 and P229 are both compact versions of the double stack P226 design. The SIG Sauer P226 and its variants are in service with numerous law enforcement and military organizations worldwide.


A - For a show-caliber collection

    • Light holster wear on edges of the slide and/or frame
    • Mild corrosion in slide serrations
    • Near-perfect grips
    • Clean bore

B - For collectors who want to occasionally shoot their gun without greatly affecting its value

    • Moderate holster wear on slide, forward frame and/or trigger guard
    • Superficial corrosion in slide serrations and grip details
    • Negligible scratches in the grips
    • Minor bore wear

C - For a reliable side arm

    • Significant holster wear on slide, frame, backstrap marking and/or trigger guard
    • Mild corrosion around edges and details
    • Worn and/or lightly scratched grips
    • Slight scoring and/or corrosion of the bore

D - For shooting enjoyment

    • Excessive finish wear throughout
    • Significant corrosion
    • Substantial grip wear
    • Strongly scored and/or corroded bore
Action Semi-Automatic
Barrel Length 4.4"
Caliber 9mm
Capacity 15
Condition Pre-Owned
FFL Required Yes
Finish Black
Model 1 NULL
Series West German
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